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Well here i go with the intro

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1Well here i go with the intro Empty Well here i go with the intro on Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:01 pm

Zaio Volnutt

Zaio Volnutt
Kama 3 Green
Kama 3 Green
Sup, names Zaio Volnutt dont really know what i can say about myself but like i said in the title here i bloody go!

Just an average Yugioh player with a YT channel dedicated for it. Dont really have a deck i main as i like to stay flexible with every format although personally im more tuned towards styles similar to Morphtronics Very Happy and Infernity.

Outside of that I am also into Paladins who is more built into aggro style plays so im usually gonna be maining Lex, Shalin, Skye and Barik. Mostly in tuned with Lex even though on the date of this post he is relatively new to the game Very Happy

Next would be Pokemon nothing much to say there except i only go into showdown sadly dont have a 3ds atm :sadface:

I think that sums it up i guess, hope to get aquainted with you folks an all Very Happy

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