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Affiliations Info & Requesting

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Hello Guest,
A bit about Affiliating: Affiliating provides community support and it gives good recognition to your own forum/site. Affiliates will have a special sub-forum to talk with staff called "Affiliates Mountain".

If you have an interest in affiliating with us please copy the form below, fill it out in a quick reply in this topic, and then an admin will take a look, visit your forum/site's link, and then write a reply on this topic as to if you are approved to affiliate with us or not.
If approved you must add the banner below to your site, you can resize it anyway you wish but it must be visible to the public.

Our Affiliate Image:---> Affiliations Info & Requesting Affili10
Our Affiliate Image Link:---> https://i.servimg.com/u/f58/19/21/98/27/affili10.png

Notice:You must be an admin on your forum/site to affiliate with us. Also, please follow the form below by copying everything in the code box. Failure to do this will result in reply removal.

[b][color=#000000]Name on our forum:[/color][/b] Text Here
[b][color=#660099]Date you joined us:[/color][/b] Text Here
[b][color=#000000]Name on your forum/site:[/color][/b] Text Here
[b][color=#660099]Position on your forum/site:[/color][/b] Text Here
[b][color=#000000]Link to your forum/site:[/color][/b] Link Here
[b][color=#660099]Link us to an image that you wish us to use:[/color][/b] Link Here

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