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Inner Beast Duels

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1Inner Beast Duels Empty Inner Beast Duels on Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:33 pm


In this topic we have a little special twist on matches. This is if you are not afraid.

Inner Beast Duels are special kinds of duels when all your points are on the line. Both of the players will start with 12k life points. This will also be a match, 2 banned cards are allowed of your choosing which you must notify your opponent of, and during each draw the player will draw 2 cards instead of one.

Both players participating in the Inner Beast Duels will receive 50 Flame Coins for entering in it however, it will not be added until the end of the match after the other points have been transferred.

Challenge someone in the chatbox or in pms and then when the match is over and your Inner Beast rules supreme create a new topic and the topic name should be structured like this: Your Name Vs. Your Opponents Name and please put in parenthesis PD like this-->(PD). Then an admin will respond with approval and transfer the flame coins from the one who lost to the winner. After that is done, both players will receive 50 flame coins.

One more thing, please don't join this with burn decks, alt wins, mill decks, etc. as those are not really Inner Beast worthy. Other then that just have fun dueling each other, and show the true form of your Inner Beast.

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