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Duelist Colosseum Guidelines

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1Duelist Colosseum Guidelines Empty Duelist Colosseum Guidelines on Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:29 pm


The Duelist Colosseum is another way to gain Yosen Points, such as dueling someone from the academy for YP in a duel for matches, and singles.

The match depending how it looks like for example: 2:0 the winner will get 200 Yosen Points.
For 2-1: the player will receive 150 Yosen Points.

The single duel whoever wins will get 100 Yosen Points.

Burn Decks, Stall or Alt. Win decks such as exodia, and mill decks are not allowed.

Challenge someone in the chatbox or in pms and then when the match or single is complete create a new topic and the topic name should be structured like this: Your Name Vs. Your Opponents Name. Then an admin will respond with approval and give you your Yosen Points.

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